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Zip Bomb

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Good day, friends, today I decided to make an article about the so-called ZIP bomb. This thing is certainly not new, but as it turned out, many have no idea that such a thing exists at all.
At the end of the article, there is a link to the very archive of death, but I strongly advise you not to run it, otherwise I am not responsible for the damage)

Zip Bomb, also known as the Archive of Death, is an archive file that is capable of disabling the system in no time.

The file weighs only 42 kilobytes. It would seem - a trifle. But don't be too quick to evaluate. If you try to unpack it (don't do it!), You will get 4.5 Petabytes of data in return. Modern computers will not be able to digest such a volume - the RAM and hard drive will quickly overflow. As a result, the system will freeze or crash into the blue screen of death.

The ZIP bomb itself is nothing more than a dummy, but it contains a special algorithm for generating data.
42.zip consists of 16 archives, each of which also consists of 16 archives, each of which ... In total, five cycles, which give 1,048,576 archives. Each such archive weighs 4.3 GB. All together this is 4,503,599,626,321,920 bytes or 4.5 PB.
To fit such a volume on an HDD, we need 1,024 terabyte hard drives or 74 14 GB hard drives. This is approximately 2.3 million rubles.

How did you manage to archive such a huge volume of 42 KB? Very simple. It uses text files consisting of the same characters (for example, zeros). They compress very well with algorithms. These zip bombs are called recursive (when a function calls itself).

If you nevertheless somehow got caught and opened this archive of death, then I can assure you that not everything is so sad. You can boot from a LiveCD from a USB stick to clean up junk from your system.

Modern antiviruses have learned to recognize such zip archives long ago, and virus writers are not particularly interested in such "bombs". Viruses today are usually created to make money, not to harm someone.


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A zip bomb is a small zip archive, usually up to 1MB, which, when unpacked, yields millions of terabytes of files.

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