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Using Tails OS for carding

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Using TailsOS for carding

The main thing in carding is anonymity. It doesn't matter how much you work and how many things you buy - you should always be anonymous to any side of the process: drops, shops, banks and CC sellers. There are a large number of articles on carding forums about anonymity, and a lot of them talk about TailsOS.

In this article, we will analyze why TailsOS is needed for work and what benefits it can bring to a carder.

What is it?

TailsOS is a LIveCD distribution kit tailored for anonymous work on the Internet. The system is installed on a USB stick with a suitable size. For comfortable work, along with all the necessary software, a good 16-32 gigabyte flash drive will definitely be enough, taking into account the need to install a virtual machine.

What's so good about her?

Tails is a Linux distribution with all the pros and cons that come with it. You can install on it all the software that is available for installation on these systems. In addition, you can disassemble and recompile it, which allows you to create a system with full control over traffic and application operation.

In addition, you can install a virtual machine on it - this is useful for a carder, because working through a virtual machine allows you to achieve maximum anonymity in any conditions.

It has built-in traffic routing through tor-networks, the ability to control outgoing traffic, virtualization and data masking. However, a huge feature of TailsOS is that there is no need to leave any data on the hard drive, which allows you to hide whatever you have on the flash drive.

How do I install it?

Installation takes place by uploading to a USB flash drive from a regular computer. Any problem like WinToFLash will do. The main thing is to choose a flash drive that will allow you to use an NTFS system, with a volume of 16 to 32 gigabytes. This amount is enough to run all the software that a carder needs.

What are the requirements for a pc?

There are not many computer requirements. In this case, it is enough to have as much RAM as possible, although 4 gigabytes will be enough, which even the cheapest laptop now has. Drivers for all equipment are included with the distribution kit.

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hi.I also use tails.I'm satisfied, apart from the fact that everything runs through tor.but it also has many disadvantages !! A lot of pages cannot be opened.Additionally, firefox would be even better on it !!

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