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  3. JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesian authorities have found no evidence that the country’s main intelligence service’s computers were compromised, after a U.S.-based private cybersecurity company alerted them of a suspected breach of its internal networks by a Chinese hacking group, an official said. The Insikt Group, the threat research division of Massachusetts-based Recorded Future, said it discovered the hack in April when it detected malware servers operated by the “Mustang Panda” group communicating with hosts inside Indonesian government networks. The activity targeted the Badan Intelijen Negara, or BIN, intelligence agency as well as nine other Indonesian government agencies, Recorded Future said. “We assess that this activity is very likely linked to the Chinese state-sponsored threat activity group Mustang Panda based on our continued tracking of Chinese state-sponsored cyberespionage activity,” the company said in an e-mail to The Associated Press. Insight by Verizon: Learn about the progress that the Pentagon is making in finding real value out of 5G and its future across DoD. Chinese government offices were closed Monday for the Mid-Autumn Festival and could not be reached, but authorities have consistently denied any form of state-sponsored hacking and said China itself is a major target of cyberattacks. Recorded Future said its experts traced the hack back to as early as March, and the last observed date of the intrusion was Aug. 20. “We have not seen additional activity targeting BIN since that date,” the company said. After being notified by Recorded Future, BIN investigated the suspected breach together with other agencies and related stakeholders, but found “our server is safe and under control, there is no indication that it was hacked by suspected Chinese hackers,” said Wawan Hari Purwanto, a deputy chief and spokesman for the agency. BIN coordinates information sharing and operations for Indonesia’s other intelligence agencies, as well as conducting its own operations. Because of its work, Purwanto said BIN’s computers are an attractive target for hackers, and the agency conducts regular checks and maintenance on its systems as a precaution. He said BIN cooperated with Indonesia’s National Cyber and Encryption Agency, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and other government agencies to ensure “our network is safe and free from hacking.” The Cyber and Encryption Agency referred all questions to BIN. Purwanto dismissed the Insikt Group’s findings and urged people not to worry that the agency’s data had been compromised.
  4. Writes this shit on different accounts: The account is locked for your safety. We sent you an email to unblock it. Alternatively, reset your password or use a different login method. What to do? Who faced?
  5. Can you tell me how can I change my password? Can I create a new username and password? Please help. Thank you.
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  7. How to reply to a topic? What am I doing wrong? Need your help. Yours faithfully.
  8. I bought the scheme a little over a week ago, the topic is light and exciting. I got the first profits on the first day of work, as the author said, if everything goes on at this pace I will quit my job.
  9. warface

    Live Panel anyone?

    Hi I am very interested about how a live panel (like uAdmin or Kr3pto Puppeteer Kits) functions works. Can anyone share with me any working live panel (old or new)? I tried to find everywhere but without success. Thanks!
  10. 1) Edit the pg_bha.conf file and add the following line to your file: "local all all trust" 2) Restart the postgres service (if it doesn't restart, change "local all all trust" to "host all all trust" 3) Try to connect to the postgres service using the "postgres" superuser 4) Reset the password using the following command: ALTER USER {USERNAME} with password '{PASSWORD}'; 5) Restart the postgres service again.
  11. Should be nice share it!Thanks
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  13. Are there any subtleties in working with this exchanger?
  14. NEW SMM panels with the best and cheap services! Fast Support less than 1 min ! Also You Can Make money reselling our services with API! Trusted and Secured! 5% BONUS WHEN DEPOSIT MONEY FROM 1$ Cheap & HQ Social Media Services ( Likes / Followers / Subscribers / Views/ Shares ... ) ( Youtube - Instagram - Twitter - TikTok - Snapchat - Facebook ... ) Music Streaming Services ( Followers / Streams / Reposts ... ) ( Spotify - SoundCloud - Appel Music - Pandora ... ) Servers Members & Joins ( Discord - Telegram - Reddit ... ) Website Traffic ( Country & Referrer Targeted ) App Installs & Rating ( IOS & Android ) Website Reviews ( TripAdvisor - Trust Pilot - Google Business ) Payment Methods We accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies accepted as Payment Methods 24x7 Full time - Fast Support
  15. hi.I also use tails.I'm satisfied, apart from the fact that everything runs through tor.but it also has many disadvantages !! A lot of pages cannot be opened.Additionally, firefox would be even better on it !!
  16. I have good methods to cashout cc easily Interested? Send me Dm Then
  17. you still need this? have worked with raspberry pi's for a few years now
  18. A zip bomb is a small zip archive, usually up to 1MB, which, when unpacked, yields millions of terabytes of files.
  19. Tengo un problema en una aplicación conectada a una base de datos SQL de postgres, ya está cargada y accesible pero la aplicación no reconoce al usuario y la contraseña para ingresar me dice incorrecta, hay alguna forma de verificar el usuario y la contraseña o de hecho restablecer la contraseña? por favor muchas gracias
  20. I have a program which is purely software (no "magic" box required) that removes the in-built Android protection called FRP Lock. FRP lock forces you to type the password in of the original Google account which was used to register the phone when the phone was initially setup. No amount of flashing or re-roms will remove this FRP lock and by forcibly wiping the phone you just end up in a worse situation. I have managed to aquire a program which forces the phone into download mode and then removes FRP Lock as well as many other useful features. If you are interested in this then let me know, I'll upload it and edit this thread to contain the link if somebody wants it. I'm not going to add it if there's no interest.
  21. once there I was deceived
  22. eldjey

    Mining on PC

    there is a computer science room with 40 computers in which there are rx 580 8GB. They are all on the same local network. Work 24/7 I have a question, who can help with the creation of a hidden miner in order to use these computers for the benefit of mining crypto for their wallet?
  23. I have a friend who made a lot of money with this, but that was awhile ago .... so is it still profitable? ))
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